Frequently Asked Questions.

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What materials are your products made from?

Vixen Hill Gazebos, Garden houses, Pavilions and Shutter are wooden. We exclusively use Western Red Cedar sustainably harvested from managed woodlands in British Columbia.


What options do I have for ordering a gazebo, garden house or pavilion?

You can browse our selection online, use our builder application and place an order for any of our online gazebos at Alternatively, you can browse our extended selection in our catalog then call us for a quote.


What’s the difference between a Gazebo and a Garden House?

A Gazebo is a traditional open structure with frets and rails. A GardenHouse is a 3 season structure, which uses panels and inserts to create either an open or enclosed outdoor space.


What’s the difference between a Gazebo and a Pavilion?

Pavilions are generally larger, and the rails and frets used are in a larger scale then in a Gazebo.